Orbs of Life and Light

  • Oil 21”x26”
  • 2019 Amelia Island, Florida
  • Signed Laurence

The magnetic orbs flow round the poles
Of North and South they dance.
Sparks fly in lightening rods from Heaven
To Earth whirling and spinning life.
Alighting on the waters of time
Life forms again still.

Abstract Blue I “Seahorse”

  • oil 3’x3′
  • signed Laurence
  • February 2020
  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Abstract II

  • oil 3’x3′
  • signed Laurence
  • February 2020
  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Oil Painting Born of Three Worlds

Born of Three Worlds

  • oil 14″x11″
  • Signed Laurence
  • February 2014

The tone of time
Such is the magic carpet ride
To places on high we fly
To be together again
by Pamela Laurence

Oil Painting Birth


Work in Private Collection

  • oil 24″x36″
  • Signed Marchesano*
  • March 2009
  • Tuscan, AZ

Penetration of eternity
Into time
Between past & future
There lives a seed
Watered by the two
Here it grows
Under the bridge
Under a rainbow
On an island with but one grain of sand
Body & Soul Come Together
To travel the river of life
Ever more
With the stars at hand
All is that it is
Love is beauty
In you
by Pamela Laurence

Oil Painting Creation


  • oil 16″x20″
  • Signed Laurence
  • Dec 25 2012
  • Tuscan

Everlasting life flows into the nest.
It is not the nest, nor the shape it takes.
It is Life Everlasting that magnetizes itself
On the intention of Creation.

Oil Painting Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes

  • oil 60″x48″
  • Signed Marchesano*
  • Vermont 2002

Beside us lives another universe
To be seen only by those who can see.
If you listen you will hear it.
When you inhale and smell the sweet scents of smoke
You will know.

Oil Painting Underwater Fantasy

Underwater Fantasy

  • acrylic 24″x48″
  • Signed Laurence
  • 1991
  • Huntington, LI, NY

A bubble bursts open to a dream.
Or is it a reality that forms a bubble?

* Sometimes when I am painting, I feel a strong urge to use my maiden name – Marchesano.