Pamela Laurence is a sculptor known for her work in natural materials & metals.

Winner of numerous awards, Pamela has been featured in many publications. Her work is in private & corporate collections, national & international.

All of Pamela Laurence’s one of a kind works are signed & dated.

From the Press

Open, free-flowing baskets are put into a sculptural perspective when created by artist-sculptor PAMELA LAURENCE. Weaving these original pieces from her personal experiences both past and present, she is fascinated by the paths and roads lives take. She feels that “we are all woven together into one big basket called life.” Adapting herself to sculpture and weaving, she combines natural materials of vine, reed, shells, wood and feathers.

From the Artist

I like to think of my baskets as sculptures which can be placed on a pedestal, table, and the floor or hung from ceilings and walls; or they work well as functional pieces. I have woven very open and free weaves which look fragile but are quite strong. I am influenced by nature, birds and their nests – the ease in which they build their homes with found objects and their freedom to fly. I love to weave on the beach.

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